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A brand new cookbook, In My Mother's Kitchen, 114 pages of recipes-stories and a bit of cheesecake history!
Dedicated to my mom and mother's and dauthters everywhere who are best friends.

Want to have a great laugh?

Now you can LISTEN to 

The Traveling Tortellinis

Narrated By The Talented

Nina Price.



Listen To A Sample Below...
The Traveling Tortellinis (Sample) - PCMarotta/Nina Price
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Take A Journey Back In Time...

Listen To The Stories As Eight Extraordinary People Take You There.

Remembering Williamsburg

Narrated By The Talented 

Pamela Wolken


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Brooklyn Italian: Remembering Williamsburg - PCMarotta/Pamela Wolken
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Don't forget to check out Road Rage Willie's book on audible for your kids... narrated by the talented Barry Dean Evans, Willie's theme song and sound effects come alive!


Road Rage Willie on Audible


You can buy the book also sold worldwide and illustrated by the talented A.L. Houghton. 


The book includes pages in the back for children to color, because creativity opens one's heart and soul to unimaginable wonders!

Local authors bring magic to children's books
 Chris Worthy,
Contributing Writer11:25 a.m. EST January 5, 2016

P.C. Marotta translated a career in veterinary sciences and a love of animals into colorful children’s books. Many of her stories teach lessons about friendship. (Photo: COURTESY PHOTO)
P.C. Marotta translated a career in veterinary sciences and a love of animals into colorful children’s books featuring Twinkle, her Shih Tzu and family friends. Her stories teach lessons about friendship, the environment and more.
“I like to be a storyteller,” Marotta said. “This world, as we know, can be very sad at times. One person can make a difference, in baby steps.”
Marotta began her published works with a memoir of her Italian family’s food and traditions, followed by a book of lessons learned in her mother’s kitchen. When she began her series of children’s stories, Marotta chose British illustrator Amy Houghton to bring them to life.
“I picked Amy because of the simplicity of her illustrations,” Marotta said. “I wanted something I enjoyed looking at as a child.”
The characters in Marotta’s books are based on real dogs.
“They are alive and well with me,” she said.
Marotta said her books have a message but they also entertain.
“It’s the human story and I am just telling it to kids – fresh minds that are not yet burdened by the prejudices of adulthood,” she said. “This world is in dire need of change. Each story deals with a life message, but in a way a child can understand.”
Marotta’s books are available at and other outlets and through her website,
A letter from media specialist Cindy Foster (Duncan Elementary School, SC)
Author Patrice Marotta visited Duncan Elementary on October 20, 2015. Having just moved to our area from Chicago, she was interested in connecting with students in our area. 
The program centered around her book, One Shoe…Two Shoes…What’s Ted to Do? The book is about a black masked shih tzu who likes to steal shoes, but in the end has to pay the consequences for his actions. The program was highlighted by the appearance of her shih tzu, Ted E. Bear who was the inspiration for the book.
The presentation brought a real author to life for our students and presented to them that books are written by real people. I liked how she showed them where her ideas came from and that she used her characters to present a moral dilemma that was solved at the end of the story. It was a good teaching tool and a really good experience for our students. 
Our students really made a connection to Ted and his dilemma. Author Marotta was a delight!
Author Brings Man's Best Friend To Duncan
Students at Duncan Elementary School
got a special visit recently from a local author, and her four-legged sidekick!
Author Patrice Marotta visited with students at and shared her book, "One Shoe...Two Shoes.. What's Ted to Do?" with students in K-5, 1st and 2nd grades.

The students enjoyed the story about a black masked gold shih tzu , who loves to steal shoes, but has to deal with the consequences when he goes too far. They were especially  excited to meet the real dog behind the story, Marotta's shih tzu- Ted E. Bear. He was a real trooper as all of the students were invited to meet the pooch!

Marotta recently moved to the area from Chicago.
Duncan looks forward to having her visit again to share her other books!

 FollowingStacie Theis‏@beachboundbooks

#Author @pcmarotta talks with BeachBoundBooks about her children's book Twinkle and the Little Red Ball … #kidlit

Global Recognition Across The Pond!

I'm so proud of Amy (A.L.) Houghton, Illustrator for Twinkle and Friends series of children's books we create together.  Friendship has NO boundary lines.  Here is the official press release.....

BOO! TELLING TALL TALES The Art of the Picture Book Magic, mayhem and monstrous morals abide in this interactive exhibition for children, featuring illustrations and cut outs from the world of children’s books, by leading authors and illustrators. 

 Join us in celebrating the world of make believe, fantasy and fairytales, suitable for both big kids and little kids! BOO! TELLING TALL TALES is inspired by illustrations from the immersive world of children’s picture books. Its mission is to lead children to read, unravel, draw, invent, and create their own tall stories, to enthral the most reluctant reader, entice the tiniest toddler, and beguile the biggest kid. 

What key individuals/partners/organisations are involved? 

Stuart Trotter, illustrator of Rupert the Bear, and many other children’s titles including the Wallace and Gromit books, who also previously worked on the Postman Pat series. Liz Million, prolific Darlington born and bred artist, illustrator, and writer of children’s picture books. Peter Barron author of the Monstrous Morals series of children’s picture books, together with Paul Wick, illustrator on 5 titles and David Wright (the first Monstrous Morals title illustrator). . Amy Houghton, illustrator for American author Patrice Marotta, (amongst others writers). John Chadwick artist, writer and illustrator (previously a Teesside University lecturer in animation and illustration). Stephen Irvine, an MA Fine Art student at Teesside University who used crowd funding to self publish ‘Dinosaurs need Hugs too!’ written and illustrated in collaboration with his three year old daughter. Kim McDermottroe, artist and illustrator, better known for her costume and prop designs for theatre and the stars - Greener Lavelle. Jessica Shepherd, author and illustrator of ‘Grandma’, the hugely acclaimed book aimed to help young children cope with their ageing relatives’ dementia. Stephen Wiper of Creative Darlington, Marion Ogle Library Services Manager, Norma Kyle freelance Curator. Why What are you trying to achieve? Is it part of a wider plan?
 Crown Street Art Gallery, Darlington Library, Crown Street, Darlington DL1 1ND 
What are the important dates that readers need to know? See above Exhibition runs from Wednesday 9th September 2015 to Thursday 29th October 2015 

New for 2016-17

Brooklyn Italian will be revised as a second cookbook called Brooklyn Italian: Remembering Williamsburg. Great stories about the Italians of Williamsburg Brooklyn and the food, family and neighborhood that we will always remember. Along with my family recipes there will be contributors with their stories and recipes along with videos on You Tube. A long winter project but worth the wait.

I've also been working on an adult comedy called The Traveling Tortellini's which I hope to finish in 2017. 

Then of course more from Amy and myself in the world of children's books!

I will also be back at Duncan Elementary School with Road Rage Willie and Rude Dude talking and teaching about bullying and manners!

Lot's to look forward to so follow me on social media and keep up. Thanks for stopping


March 2017

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