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P.C. Marotta 2017


Born in Brooklyn New York, P.C. Marotta is an American author who believes there's always a story to tell. Stories make memories and memories carry on. 

Her first book, Brooklyn Italian: A Memoir of Recipes of Days Gone By was dedicated to her father and based on the stories of her family settling in Williamsburg Brooklyn over 104 years ago. The recipes and stories go hand in hand telling of a generation and lifestyle of long ago. Gone but never forgotten. 


Two cookbook/memoirs and a series of educational adventurous children's books with children's book illustrator A.L. Houghton. Together they brought a little Shih Tzu named Twinkle and his friends to life with unique stories teaching children and families many of the issues we face in our lives on a daily basis. 


Her novel Brooklyn Italian: Remembering Williamsburg takes the reader on an in-depth journey in the history of Williamsburg Brooklyn, a city rich in culture and traditions. From a small chartered parcel of land in the 1600's to the foundation of some of our nations most prominent and well-known corporations and notables. The waves of immigrants who paved the paths that we now walk, with ever-present change on the horizon, Williamsburg always has her stories to tell. With eight extraordinary individuals who share their stories and memories of Williamsburg. Every city has a dark side and Williamsburg is no stranger, the American Mafia the beginnings of the stronghold of organized crime and it's rooted history in Williamsburg. 



Many of her media appearances include WGN Chicago's Lunch Break Show, Chicago's Cook of The Week/Daily Herald, Fra Noi Italian Magazine, UAL Journal, The Creative Life Radio Show, Artist First Radio Shows, Upstate Parents Magazine, Spartanburg Neighbors Magazine, Your Carolina with Jack and Megan and very often you can see her and Road Rage Willie on Fox Carolina at various events taking a stand against bullying. 


She also is involved in speaking engagements at schools teaching children and reading to them the importance of manners and how not to be bullied. 


When not writing she loves to sculpt and paint, and spend time at home loving her dogs.

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